Descendants of Robert Samuel BROWN and Jeanette McKENZIE

Apparently Robert Samuel BROWN emigrated from Ireland to Canada on his own in 1872. He crossed the Atlantic on the Prussian, an Allan Line Ship built by A. & J. Inglis, Ltd., Glasgow, Scotland. Tonnage: 3,030. Dimensions: 340' x 40'. Single-screw, 11 knots. Inverted engines. Three masts and one funnel. Clipper bow. Iron hull. The ship left Liverpool, England on May 2nd, Robert boarded at Londonderry, Ireland and they arrived in Quebec City on May 17, 1872.


The picture above is actually of the Erl King a similar ship built by A & J Inglis.

Jennifer Elizabeth 'Jenny' GRAHAM (1974-1988) was is a direct descendant of the captioned couple and a goddaughter to Kathy WATSON* & Case VANDERPLAS*. See Jenny's Pedigree Chart
Other Ancestral Families connected to Jenny are : ; GRAHAM;; BROWN; McKENZIE; DELMAGE / DOLLMETSCH; ROCHER; ZEIDLER & HOPPER..

* Denotes connection to the principal families on our Home Page.

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