Wind Water and Fire
- Wind -

Knox Church damage during the wind storm of 1913

Tornado Damage at Paisley Brick & Tile
July 8, 1956

Entering the district, centred by the village of Paisley, from the southwest corner of Greenock township, it slashed its way through the Greenock swamp, heading north-eastward. Hitting the 14th, 16th and 18th, concessions of the township, it crossed into Elderslie, just south of Paisley, at the Paisley Brick and Tile Company plant. Thousands of square feet of roof were torn from the buildings and scattered over the countryside. When a section of the roof crashed in on a hot tile kiln, the Paisley Fire Brigade was called. They quickly doused the smouldering roof.

A 140 by 65 foot wing of the plant was practically blown to pieces. The kiln shed 160 by 80 feet, was entirely unroofed. So far not one section of the roof has been found. The building is in such unsafe condition that it will be demolished.

Property damage to the yards is estimated at $30,000.

Tornado Destruction in Greenock - July 8, 1956


All that remains of the Community Center and Pickard's Hardware Building, February 19, 1948
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Paisley School Destroyed
Feb. 19, 1914 - Paisley Advocate

About 6: 15 a.m. on Sunday townspeople were aroused by the clamour of the fire alarm. A glance from windows was sufficient to locate the scene of the conflagration, for the flames were already leaping high through the roof of the east wing of the school building. The north side of the wing showed fire raging within from cellar to roof. It was only a short time until fire spread to other parts of the building, and by the time the crowd had gathered it was too hopeless and dangerous to attempt to save anything in the interior of the school. By the time the firemen got the water playing upon it there was nothing to save.

The gaunt, useless walls remain, but every article of the contents was consumed to ashes and scrap.

Insurance on the building is $5000.00 and on the contents $1500.00.
The main part of the building was erected in 1872 and the wing in 1891. How the fire started is a mystery, as there was no fire in the furnaces after Friday evening, and on Saturday the caretaker cleaned them all, wheeling the refuse to the back of the yard as usual.

Cruickshank’s Tailor Shop - 1941

Another bad fire in Paisley occurred in 1941, when Mr. Isaac Cruickshank’s tailor shop was completely destroyed along with the Orange Hall upstairs.

Flames leaped across to a window in the north wall of the Schoenhal’s Drug store building (now the Advocate building) and Mr. and Mrs. Jack McArthur were almost trapped. The tailor shop building was never rebuilt as a store. It became a garage for the hydro truck which it still is today.

Parker's Turkey Barn
May 15, 1957 - Paisley Advocate

Fire of undetermined origin, breaking out about 3 a.m. last Wednesday wiped out a commercial flock of over 1160 turkeys and wrought damage, estimated as high as $12,000 at the turkey farm of James Parker a block north of the village limits.

Tanner's Waxing Plant
January 26th 1969 - Paisley Advocate.

A turnip waxing plant in the north end of the village, still in its infancy but with promising potential, was totally destroyed by fire early Sunday morning. Also lost were between 500 and 600 bushels of turnips. Total loss was estimated at about $1500.

The industry was established last September by Glen Tanner of town. He erected the frame structure housing the waxing operation on the property east of Victoria Street and just north of the Willow Creek bridge, to provide suitable storage conditions.

Knox Church
after the fire February, 1961

Knox Church fire February, 1961

and Snow

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