Paisley Figure Skating Club

Paisley Figure Skating Club 1953?
Front row; Darlene Leitch?, Lynn Parker, Mary McClure, Bonnie Cutter
Middle; (__?__), Nancy Forrester, Barb Watt, Mary Dudgeon, (__?__), Lorna McClure,
Carol Leitch,
Back; Ruth Rushton, Peter Cutter, Mary Cumming, Nonnie Irving, (__?__), Shirley McArthur, (__?__), Beverly Parker, Teacher ?

Submitted by Mary Ingram

The Paisley Figure skating club was organized in 1947 by Mr. Peter Cutter formerly of Paisley, but now living in Port Elgin. Mr Cutter was the first President and Mrs. Gillies Parker was Secretary-treasurer. They both served in those positions for many years.

Miss New Combe was the teacher in Paisley for its first opening years followed by Mrs. Ann Aubin Yeo. Since then the Club has had five teachers.

The enrolment of the club has grown from 45 to 136 participants, Along with the Executive over the years, there are many parents who have given freely of their time to promote the club’s success.

Figure Skating Carnival

Jean McKenzie, Maxine Neilly, Leona Irving

L to R: Patti Cutter, Rhona McCaw, Linda Stark, Jeanette Blue, Jean Muir, Beverly Shoemaker, Joan Maloche "Pro",
Gloria McAllister, Linda McGill, Marie Muir, Bonnie Cutter, Theresa Boese, Jane Shoemaker.

Mary McClure, Kees (Case)Vanderplas,
& Bonnie Cutter.
Mary (Mrs. Ingram) is one of the "pros" with the current (1974) Paisley Skating Club.

Charlene McMinn, Jacquelyn Taylor,
Mary Lee Whitney, Penny Lyn Irving.

Back row L to R: Patti Cutter, Doreen McTeer, Nina Farrow, Nancy Blue, Betty Bell, Patricia Anderson, Sherry Lyn Brampton, Bonnie Parker.
Front row; Margaret Greer, Jane Fullerton, Glenda Clayton, Darlene Sawyer, Terry Brooks, Judy Rae, Joyce Keyes

They're so cute when they're little !

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