Ancestors of Kenneth MacLENNAN & Mary MacIVER

The research on this family is being carried out in an attempt to identify the biological parents of Florence Mae METCALFE* 1915-2005. Since the adoption of Florence was a family 'secret' there is no one alive today, that we can find, who can provide the names of her parents.

Florence's daughter Kathy
WATSON* has had her DNA analyzed and this has produced some apparent cousins. Some on her father's side, which we can identify, and hopefully some are on her mother's side. The difficulty here is that we do not have any surnames to start with or compare to.

One possible candidate so far is Dixie SMALL nee GIBSON. The DNA suggests that Dixie and Kathy could be 2nd to 4th cousins. Assuming the median, they would be 3rd cousins and if so Dixie's gg grandparents would also be Kathy's gg grandparents. The challenge will be to identify which gg grandparent could be the 'common' ancestor.

I have already identified Dixie's maternal line as the possible relatives since they lived in Bruce County, Ontario, where we believe Kathy's mother Florence was born. This would make Wanda Hope SMITH 1916-2004 and Florence Mae ???? 1915-2005 2nd cousins and implies the common ancestor would be their great grandparents. If we look at Dixie's
Pedigree Chart we find these great grandparents; Murdoch SMITH, his wife Mary MacLENNAN; Donald MURRAY; and his wife Christian MacIVER and one of their grandchildren should be either mother or father to Florence.

All of these ancestors originated on the Isle of Lewis in the West Hebrides of Scotland

I have created these Journals in an attempt to identify all those grandchildren and narrow down my search. Likely subjects, both male or female, would have been born born approx 18 - 30 years before Florence's birth in 1915, say 1885 to 1897. Also not likely married before 1915.

Please note, this is a work in progress and not all the connetions have been proven. I am open to any and all, questions, comments and corrections, Case.

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