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1. Peter BUTCHART,1 son of John BUTCHART and Jean ANDERSON, was born in 1788 in , Forfar, Angus, Scotland,2 died on November 10, 1855 in Fergus, Wellington Co, Ontario, Canada2 aged 67, and was buried in St. Andrews Churchyard, Fergus, Ontario.

The BUTCHART family set sail on Oct. 1, 1825, from the Scottish port of Cromarty on the ship "Planet" for Caracas, South America with three children, Annie 11, Jean "Jane" 13 and James 3. They were part of a hardy band of Scots who were enticed by the glowing advertisements of the Columbian Company to begin a new life. After 13 weeks during which many nasty storms were encountered and many passengers became ill, and a prolonged stay in Maderia, they landed in Caracas. Here two more siblings were born, Edward (Apr. 23, 1826) and May (1827). Soon after their arrival they realized the seeds they brought with them were not suitable to that climate, the customs and language did not coincide with Scottish ideals. After a stay of 16 months in the area of La Guayra, now part of Venezuela but then was Columbia, the British Consul had them sent to Philadelphia, U.S.A. The Peter Butchart family was with the first contingent on the boat called the "Eliza Pigott".
The Governor of Upper Canada gave instructions that they were to be sent on to Little York, where the land was being given free. Since most of them were destitute after using up all their resources to sustain them in La Guayra, they were enticed by the Canadian Company and John Galt to come to Guelph.
In early August 1827, the "La Guayran Settlers" arrived in the Guelph area only to find the land was not free and was still covered with bush. However, Peter Butchart and his family of six children settled just north of Guelph on lots 1 (34 acres) and 2 (32 acres), con. 2, Division D with the river running through it. Here two more children were born, Helen "Ellen" (1929) and John (1931).

From "It Happened in Ellengowan" by Mary MacKay

Peter married Jean "Ann" WEBSTER on August 5, 1810 in Fowlis Easter, Perth, Scotland.3 Ann was born in , , , Scotland and died in , , , Scotland. She was usually called Ann.

Marriage Notes: Fowlis Easter is not to be confused with Fowlis Wester which is west of Perth, nor to be confused with Muir of Fowlis, northwest of Aberdeen. The name Easter simple means "Eastern" The original Scottish spelling was Foulis with the pronunciation the same as in fowl (bird) but in the plural form.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 2 F    i. Jean BUTCHART was born on June 22, 1811 in Fowlis Easter, Perth, Scotland,3 was christened on June 23, 1811,3 and died on February 13, 1895 in Nichol Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario, Canada4 aged 83.

+ 3 F    ii. Annie BUTCHART was born on June 14, 1813 in Fowlis Easter, Perth, Scotland,3 was christened on June 20, 1813,3 and died on August 16, 1902 in , , Ontario, Canada5 aged 89.

+ 4 M    iii. David BUTCHART 1 was born on August 5, 1816 in Dundee, , Angus, Scotland,3 died on September 9, 1899 in Brant Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada6 aged 83, and was buried in Eden Grove, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada.7

Peter next married Elspeth LEVI, daughter of Donald LEVI, about 1820 in , , , Scotland. Elspeth was born about 1788 in , Forfar, Angus, Scotland4 and died on March 14, 1875 in Carrick Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada4 aged about 87.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 5 M    i. James BUTCHART was born in 1822 in , Forfar, Angus, Scotland.

+ 6 M    ii. Edward Stopford BUTCHART was born on April 23, 1826 in LaGuayra, Columbia, South America,4 died on April 5, 1903 in Carrick Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada4 aged 76, and was buried in Clifford Cemetery, Huron Co, Ontario, Canada.

+ 7 F    iii. May "Mary" BUTCHART was born in May 1827 in Caracas, , , Venezuala4 and died on March 11, 1887 in Hay Twp, Huron Co, Ontario, Canada4 aged 59.

+ 8 M    iv. William BUTCHART was born on July 22, 1828 in Guelph, Wellington Co, Ontario, Canada4 and died on August 25, 1903 in Pilot Mound, Lisgar Dist, Manitoba, Canada4 aged 75.

+ 9 F    v. Helen "Ellen" BUTCHART 1 was born in September 1829 in , Wellington County, Ontario, Canada and died on October 6, 1913 in Louise, Lisgar, Manitoba, Canada8,9 aged 84.

+ 10 M    vi. John BUTCHART was born on January 23, 1831 in , Wellington County, Ontario, Canada4 and died on April 27, 1877 in Mildmay, Bruce Co, Ontario, Canada4 aged 46.

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