Descendants of Claas Jacobsz van der PLAS & Weijntgen Crijnen

This Descendant Journal contains all the descendants of Claas Jacobsz van der PLAS (1550-1614) and Weijntgen Crijnen (abt1550-1585) that I have been able to identify to-date. Claas and Weintgen lived in Katwijk, Zuid-Holland and had atleast three children that I am currently aware of.

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'Serene Summer Day' Katwijk ann Zee, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands
by Arthur Feudel born 1857 in Germany, died 1929 in Katwijk.

Cornelis Jan 'Case' VANDERPLAS (born Cornelis Jan "Kees" van der PLAS), son of Jan Cornelis 'John' van der PLAS and Christina 'Stien' GUTTER was born in Schoorl. NH, The Netherlands. John, Stien and Kees emigrated to Canada in 1949 where Case was raised in Paisley, Ontario.

He is a direct descendant of the captioned couple, Ancestral Families connected to Case VANDERPLAS  are shown on the Pedigree Chart below. Descedant Jounals for these ancestors can be accessed by clicking on the forward Arrows.

van der PLAS Family Ancestor (Ahnentafel) Report.
This report includes all the direct ancestors, their spouses, and children in a detailed journal format.

To see Descendant Journals connected to Case's paternal grandmother,  click on Jansje DEKKER.

Rob VOLKERS and Bob VOLKERS are also direct descendants of the captioned couple on their maternal side. Click on VOLKERS Family Journal to see their Ancestral Families on their father Jaap VOLKERS side.

Jeanette van DIEPEN is also a direct descendant of the captioned couple on her maternal side. Click on van DIEPEN Family Journal to see the Ancestral Families on her father Cor van DIEPEN's side.

DNA Matches to Case VANDERPLAS on Ancestry or MyHertitage* in this Family Journal;
.Click on underlined to see Relationship Chart .... x denotes number of times removed.

2nd Cousin
Monique SAVELKOEL - 164.6 cM* - 2nd cous x.
3rd Cousin
Rene van der PLAS - 155.3 cM* - 3rd cousin x.
William NAT - 73.5 cM* - 3rd cousin
William La FLEUR - 65 cM - 3rd cousin
Sven BIJSTER - 66 cM - 3rd cousin x
M.V. van den BROEK - 23 cM - 1/2 3rd cousin x.
4th Cousin
Christopher JACKSON - 8 cM - 4th cousin x.
5th Cousin
Cees van DUIJN - 43.2 cM* - 5th cousin.
Maartje van RIJN - 25.5 cM* - 5th cousin.
Nellie van der PLAS - 43 cM* - 5th cousin x.
5th Cousin continued
Jordan DAVIES - 19.3 cM* - 5th cousin xx.
7th Cousin
Hans van DUIJN - 48.4 cM* - 7th cousin.
Jan van der PLAS - 30.9 cM* - 7th cousin.
Karin HAASNOOT - 20.8 cM* - 7th cousin x.
Christal HAASNOOT - 22.9 cM* - 7th cousin xx.
9th Cousin
Lisbeth VOOIJS - 18.2 cM* - 9th cousin.
Onbekend HOEK - 13 cM* - 9th cousin.
Anneke VANDERBENT - 7 cM - 9th cousin.
Ronaldus POSTMA - 19.2 cM* - 9th cousin x.
11th Cousin
Thomas van de POEL - 21.3 cM* - 11th cousin x.

For more pictures of the van der PLAS Family go to
Jansje's Album, also Jan & Stien's Wedding.

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