Descendants of Jan Ariensz MOLENAAR and Jannetje Pietersdr

This Descendant Journal contains all the descendants of Jan Adriensz MOLENAAR (1658-1731) and Jannetje Pietersdr (1662-) that I have been able to identify to-date. Jan & Jannetje had at least six childern and lived in Petten, located in Noord-Holland, on the North Sea coast. Their gggg grandson Aldert MOLENAAR is the subject of the first Pedigree Chart below.

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During the Second World War, the entire town of Petten, Noord-Holland was broken up in 1943 by order of the German Wehrmacht because of the construction of the Atlantic Wall. The church of Petten was demolished in 1944. After the war, a new town was built starting in 1946. In the picture below the North Sea is on the left the 'new' Town of Petten on the right separated by the Hondsbossche Zeewering (Dike).

This Pedigree Chart is a portion of a larger chart encompassing all the known Ancestors of  Cornelis Jan 'Case' VANDERPLAS, son of Jan Cornelis 'John' van der PLAS and Christina 'Stien' GUTTER. He was born in Schoorl, NH and emigrated to Canada in 1949. Case maried Katherine WATSON and they currently live in Oakville, Ontario.

This branch is on Case's maternal side and represents his MOLENAAR Ancestors. Arien MOLENAAR, below, born circa 1625 is as far back as I can currently identify this family.

Patricia Jeanette CUTTER (GUTTER) is a direct descendant of the Ancestors on Case's materal side. Patricia's father Peter GUTTER was Stien GUTTER's brother. Piet emigrated to Canada in 1928 where he marrird Jean BELL To see Patricia's Canadian Ancestral families click on BELL Family Journal.

DNA Matches to Case VANDERPLAS on Ancestry or MyHertitage* in this Family Journal; .Click on underlined to see their Relationship Charts.
2nd Cousin
Ben de VRIES -354 cM.
Adriaantje KOSTELIJK -180.5* cM.
Jacqualine LEEK -175.4* cM.
Angela KOSTELIJK -111 cM.
Rebecca de VRIES -111 cM.
Margreet ERIKS -197.7* cM.
Paula van WIERINGEN -96.0* cM.
Esther van WIERINGEN -96.0* cM.
3rd Cousin
Rudd ELFERS -58.2* cM.
Joan ZIPP -52.3* cM.
Marcel ELFERS -37 cM.
Karin ELFERS - 36.4* cM.
Inga HONDELINK -34.1* cM.
Sylvia HONDELINK -26.9* cM.
Ana Paula CASTRO -13.3* cM.

3th Cousin continued
Robert KALKMAN -23 cM.

6th Cousin
Irene TIMMERMAN -29.1* cM.

7th Cousin
Sonia BESSE -33.6* cM.
Yullan OOSTERHOF -27.3* cM.
For more pictures of the van der PLAS Family go to Jansje's Album, also Jan & Stien's Wedding.

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