Descendants of Klaas Cornelis KOOMEN & Jantje Louwrens DEKKER

This Descendant Journal contains all the descendants of Klaas Corenelisz KOOMEN b. 1737 and Aantje Louwrens DEKKER b.1742 that I have been able to identify to-date. Klaas and Aantje were married in 1763 in Winkel, Noord-Holland where they had at least seven childern that I am aware of. Their great grandson Aldert MOLENAAR is the subject of the Pedigree Chart below.

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Former Raadhuis (Town Hall) at Winkel, Noord Holland, Nederland

This Pedigree Chart is a portion of a larger chart encompassing all the known Ancestors of  Cornelis Jan 'Case' VANDERPLAS, son of Jan Cornelis 'John' van der PLAS and Christina 'Stien' GUTTER. He was born in Schoorl. NH, and is currently living in Canada. This branch is on Case's maternal side and represents his KOOMEN Ancestors.

Klaas Cornelisz KOOMEN, below, born 1737 is as far back as I can currently identify this family.

Patricia Janette' CUTTER (GUTTER) is also a direct descendant of the captioned couple on her paternal side. Click on BELL Family Journal to see the Ancestral Families on her mother Jean BELL's side.
DNA Matches to Case VANDERPLAS on Ancestry or MyHertitage* in this Family Journal. Click on underlined to see Relationship Chart.
Adriaantje KOSTELIJK - 180.5 cM* - 2nd cousin.(mother of Paula & Esther below)
Paula & Esther van WERINGEN - 96 cM* - 2nd cousin once removed.
Angela KOSTELIJK - 111 cM - 2nd cousin once removed.
Margaret ERIKS - 22* cM - 2nd cousin once removed.
Joan ZIPP - 55 cM - 2nd cousin.
Marcel ELFERS - 37 cM - 3rd cousin once removed.
Karin ELFERS - 36.4 cM* - 3rd cousin once removed.
Inga HONDELINK - 34.1 cM* - 3rd cousin once removed.
Sylvia HONDELINK - 27 cM* - 3rd cousin once removed. (Sylvia & Inga are sisters)
Ana Paula FREITAS de CASTRO - 13.3 cM* - 3rd cousin twice removed. (Ana Paula is Inga's daughter).
For more pictures of the van der PLAS Family go to Jan & Stien's Wedding.

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