Bruce Co. Towns Postcards

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Postcards from the collection of the late Stein Vanderplas


Chesley Main St abt 1900.jpg

Chesley Main St July 12th.jpg

Chesley Main St 1906.jpg

Chesley Main St 1908.jpg

Chesley Presbyterian Church 1911.jpg

Port Elgin abt 1907.jpg

Port Elgin Calder's Bridge.jpg

Port Elgin Goderich St. 1907.jpg

Port Elgin North Shore 1906.jpg

Port Elgin Paradise Grove Hotel.jpg

Port Elgin, Lover's Lane.jpg

Southampton Electric Power Plant.jpg

Tara Yonge St 1908.jpg

Walkerton House of Refuge 1919.jpg

Walkerton Town Hall 1908.jpg