Paisley Public School Yearbook

"A pat on the back develops character if it is administered
young enough, often enough and low enough. "

Where are they now?

Marlene Brough lives in Port Elgin
Maurice Brough lives in Port Elgin
Charlie Cottrill married and lives in Paisley
Bill Dobson Deceased. Married Marjorie Flanders. Marj lives in Clinton.
Harvey Evans married Marlene Howell and lives in Peterborough
Valerie Gallenger  
Bill Kyte  
Roy Leeson married Lorraine Keyes Thompson. Lorraine has since passed away. Roy is now married to Lynda Hutton and lives in Paisley.
Carol Lietch married John Garrow has since divorced and lives in Port Elgin.
Mairi McDonald married Bill Karcher and lives in Paisley. Has children and grandchildren
Barbara McMann lives in Southampton
Leona McMullin married Robert Borman
Donna McTeer married Jack Johnson and lives in Owen Sound
Noreen Oulette  
Lynn Parker moved to BC, married Paul Jorgensen and currently lives near Edmonton.
Karen Sawyer married John Matheson, had a boy and two girls and lives in Southampton.
Joy Schildroth Deceased.
Glen Thompson  
Gwen Thompson  
If you have additional information about these people please e-mail us and we will update.

Irate parent --- "What do you mean calling my child a dirty elephant?"
Teacher --- "Well, now, Ireally never call any of my children by any names except their own given ones. Perhaps I told your son he was a "disturbing element."

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