Day Four- Brake's Cove and Cox's Cove
June 8th, 2017

Brake's Cove was a fishing community of approx. 60 families that was relocated by the NFDL Gov't because of the difficulty of providing proper services ie road access, electricity, schools, etc.

Brake's Cove Cemetary on top of the hill.

After the resettlement many families retained their homes and now utlize them as summer cottages.

One of our passengers, Pat from London, Ontario, brought his bagpipes and piped us onshore at Cox's Cove.

We all made our way to the Community Hall where we were entertained by ....
tirst three from the left are the trio The Once who were our onbaord entertainment, the the flute player was one of the crew, next the 'squeezebox' played by a local and June Oxford, a local and her husbandTony Oxford part of the Adventure Canada group.

We say good-bye and good night to a great time at Cox's Cove.

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