Day Three- Garia Bay on the southwest coast
June 7th, 2017

We pulled into a cove somewhere along the Southeast coast of NFDL.

The Ocean Endeavour carries 20 Zodiacs, these are systematically unloaded at every stop. Sometimes there would be a 'dry' landing meaning a dock and sometimes a 'wet' landing meaning a beach. We were always told to wear 'waterproof' wear due to possible spray and rubber boots were provided for the wet landings.

The zodiac drivers (also doubled as entertainers, botanists, geologists and acheologists) were great. This was Tony Oxford, formerly of Cox'e Cove, a singer songwriter, would give us a tune on every ride in. "Jack was every inch a sailor, five and twenty years a whaler, ..."

The hikers are underway .....

The Piture Plant is the Floral Emblem of Newfoundland.

We reach the summit ...

We find our boots and life jackets

and return to the Ocean Endeavour

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