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Paisley Public School Yearbook

John D'Arcy handed in his examination paper after writing a stiff test in mathematics.
"Well, Mrs. Poast, this is December 7th, the day of the double massacre."
"Double massacre?" asked Mrs. Poast.
"Yes," said John, "the other was at Pearl Harbour."

Where are they now ??
Arland Abbs Abner Air Pilot Lives at Arran Lake in Bruce County.
Joyce Clayton Joy Teacher  
Glenn Grant Earle Air Pilot married Judy Pearson and summers in Southampton
John D. Matthews D'Arc Doctor  
Jimmy McGregor Sandy Air Pilot married Lenore Fraser (deceased) had Scott & Kim. Jim married Jean Rintoul, lives in Paisley.
Donald Tanner Donnie RCAF Pilot Lives in Hamilton
Douglas Tanner Red Air Pilot Died 1967, has a son Michael.
Lois Wrightson Laurie Teacher Deceased.
If you have additional information about these people please e-mail us and we will update.

Traffic Cop --- "Miss, what gear were you in at the time of the accident?"
Birdie --- "Oh, I had on a black beret, tan shoes and a tweed sport's dress."

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