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Paisley Public School Yearbook

Where are they now ??
Carol Bender Caigy Teacher married Doug Grant
Catherine Campbell Ca Nurse married Lloyd Grant who died in 1986. They had three children.
Wayne Campbell Oscar Mechanic Retired from Dentistry, lives in Woodstock with his wife Sheila, have three children.
Peter Dipple Gopher Air Pilot deceased
Eliz. Ann Duncan Liz K.P. Teacher  
Barbara Ellis Barb Hair Dresser married Jim Rankin, lives in Paisley.
Muriel Hagedorn Tiddle Teacher married Gordon Becker and is deceased
James Hope Hopeless Air Pilot married Lenore Grant, they have a son Kent and live in Paisley.
Leona Irving Nonie Hair Dresser deceased
Mary Minto Mint Teacher married Elroy Cumming, lives in Paisley.
David K. Muir Butch Military married Bev Liddle, two children and lives in Port Perry, Ontario.
Myrtle McArthur Birdie Hair Dresser Lives in Hanover
Bruce Sawyer Sooner R.C.M.P. married Sandra Clarke and lives in Hanover
Jim Sawyer Buff Air Pilot married Helen Litt, son Michael, deceased
Marlene Thompson ------- Teacher  
Mary Joan Spong Joey Teacher Lives in North Bay
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