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Paisley Public School Yearbook


Once we went to Careless Town,
It was a dreadful place,
You cannot find a single thing,
The children break their dolls and toys,
Their clothing soil and tear,
We hope the pupils in this school
Will never journey there.

Where are they now?
Lynn Campbell married Don Laverty. Lynn runs a B&B in the Orangeville area .
Bob Cottrill married Mary Carlaw has a daughter Jennifer and lives in Paisley.
Bonnie Cutter killed in a car accident on the Elora Road South in 1960.
Sheila Greig  
Ivan Johnston married and has two children. Smokey lives in Niagara Falls.
Karen Majury married Ross Saunders. Karen died in 1981.
Harvey Milner  
Doug McArthur married Margaret Ruxton their children are Andrew, Jenn, Allison and they live in Newmarket.
Vivian McGregor lives in London , Ontario.
Merie McTeer married Dave Carr, they have two boys Robert and Brent. Merie passed away in Peterborough in 1998.
Grace Neilson lives in Kitchener.
Wallace Rowley married Bev Hughes. They have two children and live in Eganville , Ontario.
If you have additional information about these people please e-mail us and we will update.

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