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Paisley Continuation School
Yearbook 1950-1951

Miss Rawn was taking her first trip on the train. The conductor came through and called for the tickets. Miss Rawn readily gave up her ticket. A few minutes later the confectionery boy coming through, called, "Chewing Gum."
"No, never." cried Miss Rawn bravely, "You can take my ticket, but not my chewing gum !"

Jim Rowley married Ann Gregg, two children Gina & Andrew, lives in Paisley
Doug Skinner married Joan Mauer, four children.
Dorothy Hagedorn  
Ken Hopper Deceased 1984. Married Cheryl van Loon had four children.
Alan Stoddart  
Ruth Rushton married Vern Gilson retired in Deloraine Manitoba. Three children.
Mary Grant Deceased. Married Clem Campbell had three children.
Orville Evans  
John Irwin married Marion Fenton, they have Ron, Bonnie, Heather & David, and live in Fordwich, Ontario

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