John Marshall "Jack"

1917 - 2001

Photo Album

John "Jack" WATSON
Young Jack & mother

John Marshall WATSON
1917 - 2001

Robert Marshall WATSON
1890 - 1970
Catherine Campbell LAMB
1889 - 1987
Brother, Bert WATSON

Jackie and his great-
grandpa Bob WATSON

Kit WATSON, Bert, Granny LAMB, Jack, Nellie WATSON and Mrs. Dave WATSON
Jackie and his great-
granny Lizzie WATSON

Jack, on right, at his favourite pastime, Mel Catto left

Where Jack & Florence farmed
Lots 36 & 37, Con A, Greenock Twp.
and where they retired
on Albert St. in Paisley

on a date with friends
Jack & Florence married 1944
dapper Jack ..

Showing off two babies
Jack and Bert hamming it up
Jack & Kris farm'n

Robert, Case & Kathy VANDERPLAS, Florence & Jack
As a proud grandfather
with Kristine Mae
WATSON, Kristy VANDERPLAS, Pat HARRINGTON & Bob WATSON at Jack & Florence's 50th
As a proud grandfather
with Robert John Cornelis

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