Taken at Kenny McGREGOR'S in 1920

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"Johnny's car, Craigmyle, Alberta"

"Taken at Jack's Craigmyle 1920"

"My brother John LAMB"
William LAMB, Hank BAKER & Lyle, Granny & Maggie BAKER
Bertha & Bell McGREGOR
with Granny

Ella, Katie & Jean
(who are these girls?)

Pearl LAMB

Jackie WATSON, 2 years old
Jamie BAKER, Jackie WATSON Freddie Baker, Eva ALEXANDER
Elwin & Amy KEYES
at the LAMB Farm

Mrs. KERR, Granny and the girls in Paisley
Jim KEYES and family, Granny, Mr. & Mrs. Miller

Brother Dave LAMB
Mr. & Mrs. Dave WATSON, Granny,
Jack KINCAID, Dave LAMB and Lizzie KINCAID
John L. "Jack" BROCKIE

J.J. DONNELLEY'S gang, includes John L. BROCKIE

"by the house and our car" ??
"taken on our way to Carmel, Feb. 21 ....
Roland took the picture" ??

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Granny LAMB'S Parents and siblings